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Wireless Temperature Control

REDLINK® Home Monitoring


Introducing REDLINK®, our solution for making sure you are able to monitor and manage your heating and cooling system — at anytime, from anywhere — through your smartphone, PC, or tablet device. Simplicity at its best. REDLINK® is an affordable way for you to extend the efficiency of your heating and cooling system. The cost of energy increases every year, and to have one more tool to make sure you can take advantage of every savings opportunity is key to saving you money.

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redlink-logoHow many times have you been away from your home, cabin, or business only to return and have to adjust the temperature settings and wait to get comfortable? With REDLINK® you adjust them before you get there. REDLINK® also alerts you when the temperature changes significantly, so you can adjust it immediately to prevent pipes from freezing or heating bills from soaring.

  • View and set the temperature on your way to the cabin
  • View outdoor temperature and humidity when used with an outdoor sensor
  • Receive temperature alerts via email
  • Access multiple locations if more than one system is connected


Our professionals will come out to your property to inspect your heating and air systems to make sure you are ready to have your REDLINK® installed. Once everything is ready to go, installation and setup is easy!