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Propane Season Opener!

We are pleased to offer you our 2023-24 Propane Contract.

We can make your transition easy when choosing Northern Lakes Propane to be your provider.  If you are newly purchasing or renting a property with propane service, here is a step-by-step checklist for you:

  • Ask the previous (current if renting) homeowner or real estate agent for previous supplier information
  • Read the level gauge on the propane tank and record the tank reading
  • Call Northern Lakes Propane at (715) 634-4841

We will do the following for you:
1. Schedule a Gas System Check if needed.
2. Offer pricing and delivery options.
3. Place a propane delivery order if needed.
4. If you are purchasing or building the home, we will send you a lease packet including a NO FEE lease for the tank, information on propane gas systems & general information about the Northern Lakes Cooperative.

If you are building a home with propane service, call us early in the project so our propane technicians and coordinator can help you choose tank size, location and best options for your propane needs.

For more information and Frequently Asked Questions about Propane, click here!

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